Orders & Cancellations

We are updating our cancellation policy in response to the increasing frequency of event cancellations as community concern surrounding the coronavirus pandemic continues to rise. Please read the policy below carefully and contact our staff if you have any queries or concerns.

All orders are subject to a cutoff date. This date is defined as two Mondays prior to the order date (eg. for an order dated for collection, Friday 13th March 2020, cutoff will have been on Monday 2nd March). Profresh will advise customers of the cutoff date for their orders with each new order placed. Customers with existing orders will receive notification of their cutoff dates.

Changes or cancellations received before 2pm on the cutoff date will not incur any fees. Receiving notification of cancellations by this time allows Profresh to accordingly modify orders with its upstream suppliers to ensure unwanted product is not received.

Changes or cancellations received after 2pm on the cutoff date will incur a fee equal to 70% of the sale price of the cancelled goods, where it is no longer possible for Profresh to modify orders with its upstream suppliers. Where Profresh is able to cancel product from its suppliers, Profresh will waive this fee at its discretion.

During this period of increased uncertainty, Profresh may also request a security deposit for large orders (with an estimated sale value of in excess of $1000) prior to accepting orders. This will be assessed by management on a case-by-case basis.

This policy will enter into effect for all orders due for collection or delivery on or after Monday 23rd March, and will remain in effect until further notice.

We encourage all our customers to update their own cancellation policies, taking into account this update, and to communicate these policies clearly to any future clients. These steps will aid in protecting your business from the impact of any cancellations.